Howl of a Reluctant Hipster

“You can take away the passing fashions, retro facial hair shapes, beer cans curled up in beards, you can take that all away, let cutesters and norm-core and wave after wave of trends come faster and faster. Let it all come and go. Beneath it all; we’ll still feel a structural cultural emptiness. We’ll still crave authenticity.”

My latest article, “Howl of a Reluctant Hipster” is available on Medium


Barxa! Death in the Countryside — Out Now

Andru and I hear of a death very near us and trek off to an abandoned village. Barxa* is the story of our trip, the story of a dying countryside and a call to action.


“Barxa” is published in the Spring edition** of STIR, a wonderful magazine that features articles and interviews on the international co-operative movement, the emergence of the commons and collaborative networks, and other community-orientated alternatives in technology, agriculture, food, sports, energy, education, etc.

Illustration by German Gullion


*The x in Barxa, in Galizan, is pronounced with a sh sound.
**25% off on pre-orders

Chasing the Wild – Out Now

Andru and I left London to live in the countryside, to try and grow all of our own food, to seek the wild, but chasing the wild, it eludes us. My first article is about the beginnings of our journey, the search for the wild and what the chasing wild might really mean.

“Chasing the Wild” is published in Earthlines Magazine Issue 8 (March 2014) in a special feature on ‘Men and Nature’ guest edited by my friend, Alex LockwoodYou can order a print or digital copy of this issue of Earthlines here