Chasing the Wild – Out Now

Andru and I left London to live in the countryside, to try and grow all of our own food, to seek the wild, but chasing the wild, it eludes us. My first article is about the beginnings of our journey, the search for the wild and what the chasing wild might really mean.

“Chasing the Wild” is published in Earthlines Magazine Issue 8 (March 2014) in a special feature on ‘Men and Nature’ guest edited by my friend, Alex LockwoodYou can order a print or digital copy of this issue of Earthlines here


One thought on “Chasing the Wild – Out Now”

  1. I’m so happy to witness your courageous and yawlping creativity expand from land into written word. This is the kind of integrity that inspires me to live greatly and with conviction in both lifestyle and expression. Thank you!

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